• pet peeve
    plural noun: pet peeves
    something that a particular person finds especially annoying.
    “one of my biggest pet peeves is poor customer service”
  • As for correctness, conditions without parentheses are a recipe
    for silly mistakes.
  • a person to whom one turns for help or support; also called go-to
  • meet with someone
    to have a meeting with someone. I will meet with all of them on
    Monday. When can I meet with you?
    See also: meet, with
    meet with something

There is no option to do burpees instead of this obstacle.

  • hook it
    make it happen
    about the goods for the party – my friend who works the streets said
    he could hook it up.
  • An out of the box feature or functionality (also called
    OOTB or off the shelf), particularly in
    is a feature or functionality of a product that works immediately
    after installation without any configuration or
    It also means that it is available for all users by default, and are
    not required to pay additionally to use those features, or needs to
    be configured.
  • wrap my brain around it
    Make sense of.
    “That algebra equation is really difficult. I can’t wrap my brain
    around it”
  • blow someone or something over
    [for the wind] to move strongly and upset someone or something.
    The wind almost blew us over. The tornado blew the shed over.
    See also: blow
  • do justice to sb/sth
    (also do sb/sth justice)
    C2 to ​treat someone or something in a way that is ​fair and ​shows
    ​their or ​its ​true ​qualities:
    This ​postcard doesn’t do justice to the ​wonderful ​scenery.
  • in addition
    Also; as well.
    in addition to
    Over and above; besides.
  • start someone over
    to cause someone to begin again; to lead someone to begin again. The
    orchestra messed up the first few bars, so the conductor started
    them over again. I hope the conductor doesn’t start us over again.
    This is getting boring to play.
    See also: start
    start over
    to begin again. I have messed this up so much that there is nothing
    to do now but start over. When you start over, try to do it right
    this time.

Men vs Women Difference? 男女法则各异?

  1. [for someone] to experience something, such as an accident. Poor
    Carlo met with a serious accident. Henry always feared meeting with
    a horrible fate.
  2. [for someone or something] to strike or touch something. That
    board is supposed to meet perfectly with the surface of the wall.
    Her head met with the top of the car a number of times during the
  3. to encounter some kind of response. The proposal met with unexpected
    opposition. Her speech was met with universal approval.


  1. to allocate a share or a suitable amount of something, such as time,
    money, space, etc., for some activity or goal. I allowed only an
    hour for lunch. They did not allow enough money for their
    expenditures this month.
  2. to give consideration to circumstances or contingencies. We allowed
    room for expansion when we designed the building. Allowing for his
    youth and lack of experience, I forgave him completely for his

Packs / bottles must go through the barbed wire obstacle.

  • at a push
    phrase of
    if absolutely necessary; only with a certain degree of difficulty.
    “there’s room for four people, or five at a push”
    if necessary, in case of necessity, if need be, if needs must, if
    forced,if all else fails, in an emergency”at a push, you could use a
    disk editor to recover files”
  • bells and whistles
    phrase of
    attractive additional features or trimmings.
  • allow something for something




优乐湖南棋牌手机版下载,Dunk Wall——冥河洗礼

Unable to navigate the walls.


Damaging or destroying the sand bag.

Some races have knots for women, no knots for men.

Elite/Competitive Heat racers are not allowed to help each

Athletes are allowed to use the structure and top to position themselves
on the beginning of the obstacle. The first hand block and the first
foot block must be used when starting the traverse.

Using the top of the wall.

Inverted Wall——翻越奥林匹斯

Spear does not stick into the spearman or it is touching the ground.

Anyone using the support structure.


Navigate OVER the first wall, UNDER the second wall, and THROUGH the
last set of walls.

Possible multiple bags for Elite Athletes.

Carrying the bucket on shoulders, neck, or head.



优乐湖南棋牌手机版下载 1


Elite racers that help each other.


Fire Jump——普罗米修斯之火



Slip Wall ——牵索越坡



Swing from bar to bar using ONLY your arms/hands. Feet cannot touch the
ground or the rungs.

There is no limit to the number of tries.



Navigate the wall using only the handholds and ring the bell.

Navigate up and over the wall.

优乐湖南棋牌手机版下载 2

Elite/Competitive Heat racers that help each other.


Not ringing the bell.



Cross the structure from start to finish using the hanging items (rings,
bars, ropes, etc).

Over wall——伊Carlos之翼

Men vs Women Difference? 男女规则不一?

Not able to ring the bell. Using a mechanical aid.

Over Under Through ——三阶穿越

Sandbag Carry——宙斯的惩处

Navigate and stay within the widths of the obstacle.


Men vs Women Difference?男女法规不一?

Rolling Mud——海格力斯的挑衅



Damaging or destroying the sandbag requires repeat of obstacle or

Not staying within the widths of the obstacle, “skirting”the obstacle.


One attempt to throw the spear and have it stick into the spearman .

Anyone unable to get over the bar.


The spear can not be touching the ground.

Start standing on the starting bar and finish by touching the final bar
or bell. (We allow Kicking bell on every obstacle except rope climb.)

Using the ground.

Not emptying the bucket into the bin.


优乐湖南棋牌手机版下载 3

Elite racers are not allowed to help each other.精英组不允许相互协理。


No mechanical devices are allowed to aid with climbing the rope.

Carry it to the other side

优乐湖南棋牌手机版下载 4

Unable to fully raise the weight.

Put it down


Keep feet low on fence or against provided barrier!

Returning with the bucket filled with rocks below the line of holes =
Athlete must repeat obstacle.

Staff/volunteers are not responsible for checking your buckets when you
start the carry, only when you return to make a fail/no-fail decision.

Jump over the bar without touching the support structure.



SPEA奥德赛 THROW——胜利之矛

Skirting around the obstacle.

Anyone using the side braces or the flag pole.


Climb up and over the wall. Using any bracing or flag post is not

男子22公斤 女子13公斤


Yes, different size Atlas Ball


Disqualification if they skip the obstacle, or do not carry their
personal belongings through the obstacle.

Not returning the bucket full to the specified line.

Not willing or able to go under the wall.

Z 沃尔——酒神的庆祝


Anyone using the support structure on either side.

Going over wire or cord that was designed to go under, unless obstacle
has been damaged in a way to makeit impractical to navigate otherwise.

优乐湖南棋牌手机版下载 5

Go into the water and under the wall.

优乐湖南棋牌手机版下载 6



Monkey bars——红红猩猩梨木台


Elite/Competitive racers are not allowed to help each other.

优乐湖南棋牌手机版下载 7



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